Treatments for Men

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Terrific Treatments for Men at ASPA

Custom treatments for a fresher look

We offer an extensive range of tailor-made beauty treatments for men. A man’s skin can take a lot and is about 25% thicker and more elastic than a woman’s. But just water, soap and after-shave are certainly not enough!

Please note treatments may be shortened or extended. Listed timings are average.


The Refinery speedy facial for men 30 min €35 aspa mens facial
The Refinery prescription facial for men 60 min €65 aspa mens facial
A deep cleansing facial for the skin using galvanic and high frequency current combined with a range of effective products to draw out impurities that cause skin congestion. Designed to tone facial muscles, help erase fine lines and re-plump skin for instant results.
Personalised skin care consultation 60 min €30 aspa skin analysis


At ASPA we use Australian-made Lycon wax, which easily removes stubborn hair as short as 1 mm like no other! Superior results for both women and men.

Lycon is formulated with the finest resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy to nourish even the most sensitive skin.

Half leg €28 aspa half leg wax
Full leg €38 aspa full leg wax
Underarm €15 aspa underarm wax
Half arm €28 aspa half arm wax
Full arm €32 aspa full arm wax
Chest €35 aspa chest wax
Back €35 aspa back hair wax
Eyebrows – for more brow treatments go here!

(If booked together with any facial, the price for eyebrows is 10 euro)

€25 aspa eyebrow wax

MEN-icure & Pedicure with Margaret Dabbs products

Speedy MENicure (nail shape, cuticle care & massage) 30 min €35 aspa manicure
Ultimate MENicure (nail shape, cuticles, exfoliation, massage) 60 min €50  aspa manicure for man
Speedy pedicure (nail shaping, cuticle care, dry skin removal) 30 min €40 aspa pedicure for man
Ultimate pedi (nail, cuticles, skin removal, dry skin removal, exfoliation, massage) 60 min €55  aspa pedicure
Fruit Acid Peel pedicure (recommended for thick calluses) 75 min €70  aspa acidic peel pedicure

Massages & Body Treatments

At ASPA you can enjoy a complete massage range, from relaxing to deep tissue. The one way thing they have in common is that stress and tension disappear. You will feel renewed and balanced.

Our therapist will help you choose a natural massage oil – or blend – to match what your body and mind need. We have 12 award winning Aromatherapy Associates oils to pick from!

But we don’t just do massages!

Our body treatments are designed to address dry skin, to boost your immune system and to tone your body.

 Massage (back, neck & shoulders) 30 min €40 aspa massage for man
Aromatherapy (back, neck & shoulders) 45 min €59 aspa aromatherapy massage for man
Aromatherapy (full body) 60 min €69 aspa aromatherapy massage
Aromatherapy (full body) 90 min €95 aspa aromatherapy massage for man