Non Surgical Blemish Removal

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What does nutrition have to do with skin tags/ warts?

Overuse of carbohydrates, too much omega-6 fats (especially linoleic acid) and a lack of omega-3 fats and vitamin D3, along with a lack of exercise, are the main cause. Refined foods, sweeteners such as glucose-fructose syrups, soft drinks, dairy products, wheat products and one-sided foods with a lack of nutrients such as minerals (selenium, zinc, chromium, etc.) contribute in particular to this problem. Ready meals, nutrition from packs and bags with all kinds of E-substances and flavor enhancers almost guarantee insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance can be combated in combination with a lot of intensive exercise and sensible eating. It is very important to do this because much less harmless but sometimes invisible problems can arise such as PCOS or eventually even diabetes. If the dark skin is gone along with the skin tags, the problem is most likely resolved. Removing the skin tags is just an aesthetic act but pointless if not tackling the real problem.

Removing Skin Tags / Steel wartsThe removal of skin tags / warts is done with the device. The high-frequency alternating current ensures that the disorders can be removed. This is done with the help of a needle, with which one brings the current to the body. As a result, skin tags / stem warts on the skin are shriveled and thus removed.

This treatment is not suitable for genital warts.

Non-Surgical Blemish Removal

Non surgical blemish removal is a procedure which involves the removal or the following:
Skin tags (fibroids, steel warts)
Spider naevi
Lentigo (age spots)
Verrucae seborrhoica (old-age warts)
Verrucae planae (flat warts)
Epidermal naevi
Angioma senilis (blood bubbles)
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